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TVB Jade is the Cantonese channel operated by Hong Kong's leading free-TV broadcaster, Television Broadcasts Ltd. 


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Jade Channel Drama

Dramas continue to attract a wide audience following for weekday evening primetime1 on Jade.

2009 was a bumper year for our drama productions with notable successes. Rosy Business (25 episodes) launched in April was a highly successful period drama about a family business run by the fourth wife of a rice baron who was helped by Chaijiu, a strong-willed subordinate, whose aphorisms became oft repeated. This drama truly became talk-of-the-town with 33 TVRs average for the whole series and 42 TVRs in the final episode. Its success resulted in the male and the female leads taking the Best Actor and the Best Actress Awards in our TV Awards Presentation 2009.

Footnote 1: Jade’s weekday prime time runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. 20The Tang Dynasty palace intrigue drama Beyond the Realm of Conscience (33 episodes), broadcast in October as part of the station’s 42nd anniversary celebration, was our highest- rated drama series since 2005, gaining 35 TVRs2 average for the whole series and 46 TVRs average in the final episode. This production boasted a year of intensive research, an astounding 258 costumes with elaborate and intricate designs including ornate headpieces, and almost a thousand pieces of dazzling jewelry for the imperial ruler and the four empress households.

The finale of both dramas were celebrated with spectacular fanfare, including shopping arcade audience-artistes screenings, and behind-the-scenes pre-and-post specials as event programming.

Back to contemporary themes, Burning Flame III (32 episodes) the third part of the acclaimed series interweaving firefighters’ challenges, family relationships and love affairs, succeeded in achieving a remarkable rating of 33 TVRs average. The police drama E.U. (30 episodes) launched in February, depicted the odyssey of an undercover agent “Laughing Gor” who fought against triad crime. This series captured the audience’s imagination with ratings reaching 30 TVRs average for the whole series. The immense popularity of this drama led to the production of the first spin-off movie Turning Point which was a joint venture production between the Shaw group and TVB. This movie debuted in cinemas in August.

The popular sitcom Off Pedder (337 episodes) was a staple at the regular 8pm weekday timeslot throughout the year. During the year, TVB co-produced a five-episode series, ICAC Investigators with the Independent Commission for Anti-Corruption for the promotion of anti-corruption citing real cases. This programme carried special educational as well as entertainment value.


Non-drama programmes form the core of the weekday late night and weekend evening timeslots. TVB’s non-drama offerings cover a wide range of programmes from topical documentaries to variety shows, chat shows, game shows, travelogues which were capable of engaging and entertaining both the participating artistes and the audience alike.

In addition to TVB’s Anniversary Gala and TV Awards Presentation 2009, two premium documentary series were tailor-made to celebrate the 42nd anniversary. Being a 14-part documentary was shot on location in Ethiopia, East Malaysia and China (Beijing) tracing the origin of humanity and civilisation. That Was Then drew an indelible collection of photographs and programme clips from our massive archive dating back to 1967, the station’s opening year.

Footnote 2 TV rating (TVR) represents the size of audience expressed as a percentage of the total TV population. For 2009, the TV population was estimated as 6,360,000, and therefore, 1 TVR represents 63,600 viewers (1% of the TV population). Ratings data source: CSM Media Research.

We began the year 2009 on a low note as the economy was suffering a downturn. On Jade, special morale-boosting programmes were designed and produced to reinforce a positive attitude in coping with stress and strain of everyday life. Two heart-warming series, Power Up Hong Kong and One From The Heart, both short format programmes presented by well-known artistes and celebrities, were produced for this purpose.

Jade also introduced a brand new 10-episode documentary series, A Year To Remember, which featured a collection of stories from well-known personalities in Hong Kong who gave touching accounts of their experiences and emotional roads during the past year.

Promotion of the green issues remained a high priority item on our agenda. Jade launched an eco-campaign to highlight the global climate change and reinforced the environmental protection messages to the public, using a combination of self-produced and acquired programmes to coincide with the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in December.

Two brand new programmes took to the stage during the year. Singer talent contest The Voice broadcast on Sunday nights from July provided a nurturing ground for future singing stars. With its initial success, the station co-produced a follow-up 15-episode series with Shenzhen Media Group, turning it into a contest with entries from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The programme was also broadcast over mainland China through Shenzhen Media Group’s satellite’s network. Talk show Club Sparkle launched in January, was hosted by Sandra Ng and Chin Ka-lok who interacted with many celebrity guests with media-hungry stories.

TVB and our connoisseur artistes reached out to the world and refreshed our audience with a series of themed lifestyle travelogues for perfect escapist entertainment. Coffee Confidential (8 episodes) ventured into Italy, Denmark, Kenya, Indonesia and Taiwan to unfold the lesser known stories of the coffee culture. Last Paradise (10 episodes) presented the natural wonders of Finland and Korea. Sakura Memories (7 episodes) soaked in the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring; and From City to City (6 episodes) delved into the rich culture of Germany.

TVB extensively covered the historical 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in October. The station produced a four-episode prelude series, 60 Years, A Nation on the development and foundation of modern China. On 1 October, Jade and HD Jade broadcast live National Day Parade and National Day Celebration Gala, the two spectacular events held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. At the same time, Pearl provided complementary live telecast of China National Day Fireworks Display from Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. Further on 2 October, Jade carried a 90-minute evening gala, People’s Republic of China National Day Celebration 2009.

Hong Kong hosted the East Asian Games (“Games”) for the first time in December 2009. TVB was selected as an official broadcaster for the event, covering the pre-game events, the countdown show and the opening ceremony (which captured over 1.7 million viewers), together with a selection of the events during the Games, which was broadcast live across Jade, Pearl, HD Jade and J2. The station devoted a total of 86 broadcast hours to provide an extensive coverage of the Games, via live broadcast or recorded highlights, across the terrestrial channels covering a wide audience.