TVB J2 Channel

Channel Profile: 

J2 Channel Since its debut in mid 2008, J2 has positioned itself as an alternative channel for the young and trendy audience, broadcasting both station-produced and acquired programmes.

The latest drama, anime, and international award shows captivated the youthful crowd with hot and current imported Asian dramas such as Boys Over Flowers (25 episodes), Last Friends (11 episodes) and K.O. 3 Anguo (48 episodes), almost day-and-date with the Japanese schedule (only three weeks behind) of the successful anime Fullmetal Alchemist-Brotherhood; upbeat international events such as F1 ROCKS Singapore Western Music Programme, Tokyo Real Fashion 2009 A/W; and the latest award shows such as Teen Choice 2009, and Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2009.

J2 took steps to engage in key events and entertainment platforms in Hong Kong. It became the official television channel for the 11th ACGHK 2009 (Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2009) and a number of anime series were dedicated to the event with on-stage road shows. J2 also co-produced the talent show Super Ten with Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and the show was broadcast cross-platform on both J2 and CR2.

J2 also broadcast a number of important sports programmes, such as NBA Blog 2009/2010 which complemented Jade and HD Jade, and AFC Cup 2009.

(26 March 2010)