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Telefe International is a division of the International Business Area of Telefe, the leading television network in Argentina.


Telefe International is a division of the International Business Area of Telefe, the leading television network in Argentina. Telefe International, with a track record of more than 15 years in the global TV market, is a business platform, with a range of offers covering programme sales, formats sales and scripts, production services and pay-TV channels. Telefe International is the first product distributor in Argentina and the third in Latin America.

Game-shows, traditional telenovelas, romantic comedies, series, children sitcoms, and finally the worldwide proven Argentinean dramas.


Telefe International is adapting projects for key territories such as China and India. These include Just in Time, an innovative game-show that has been optioned for both territories. Scripted format, Legacy of Passion, is being produced for Malaysia and Indonesia.

Varies by production

Telefe International produces the majority of its content in HD, and is evaluating its first steps in relation to 3D in Latin America.


Focus in Asia in 2011/2012: “We consider that the Chinese and Indian markets will remain the most challenging ones.”

Outlook for 2012: "We perceive that the interest and trends for acquisitions in Asia will still be oriented to originals and innovative entertainment formats under a low/cost effective concept.”

Top shows are...: 

The Man of Your Dreams
Guillermo Francella plays Hugo, a single father who is unemployed and asks his Cousin Gloria for help. She employs him in her match-making agency for single women and he becomes the ideal candidate to introduce clients. Episodes/length: 13x60 mins (comedy, HD). Written and directed by: Juan José Campanella. Produced in: 2011 – Telefe/100 Bares

When You Smile
When You Smile tells the story of how the life of a successful professional, which is programmed hour by hour, is suddenly disrupted by the arrival of a son whose existence he ignored and a father whom he would have preferred not to know. They will change his plans and habits overnight. In addition, love will stand right in front of his eyes, he will refuse to accept it, but it will happen anyway. Episodes/length: Approx. 150 x 60 mins (romantic sitcom, HD). Starring: Facundo Arana and Julieta Díaz. Produced in: 2011 – Telefe and RGB

Poli Truper is a teenage super heroine who dreams about three things: To be a singer, to make her neighbour Felix fall in love with her and to save the world. Episodes/ length: two seasons of 26 30-minute episodes (TV hour) (children’s/teen comedy, HD). Produced in: 2011 – Disney/Utopía/RGB/Telefe

Who's who: 

Fernando Varela
International Business Area – Director
Michelle Wasserman
Head of International Business Programming, Formats & Production Services


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Prilidiano Pueyrredón 2989 2nd floor 
(B1640ILA) Martinez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
T: +54 11 4102 5810
F: +54 11 4587 4349