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Asia Television Limited (ATV)


Founded in 1957, ATV operates two free-TV analogue channels in Hong Kong – the 24-hour Cantonese ATV Home and 22-hour (including five hours of financial information) English-language ATV World.


Founded in 1957, ATV operates two free-TV analogue channels in Hong Kong – the 24-hour Cantonese ATV Home and 22-hour (including five hours of financial information) English-language ATV World. Genres include news, infotainment, drama and variety. ATV also carries six channels on its DTT platform: digital versions of ATV Home and World; HD ATV (local and foreign HD programming); Taiwan infotainment channel CTI-Asia; CCTV-4, a general entertainment channel from mainland Chinese state-owned network China Central Television (CCTV); and Southern TV Guangdong (TVS). In July 2010, after the Hong Kong broadcasting authority passed new licensing recommendations, ATV was forced to up its HD broadcasts from 14 to 60 hours a week, increase the amount of locally produced content from 225 hours to 273.5 hours a week starting from 2010 to 2015 and increase subtitling services. ATV was also ordered to comply with its HK$2,332 million/US$300 million investment plans. ATV spent most of 2010 in a vicious battle between shareholders. In August 2010, the Broadcasting Authority approved the acquisition by mainland executive Wong Ben Koon of 52.4% voting shares previously held by Panfair Holdings, Dragon Viceroy and China Light Group.

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James Shing Managing Director
May Leung Vice President, Programme (ATV World and ATV Home)


25-37 Dai Shing Street
Tai Po Industrial Estate
New Territories, Hong Kong
T: +852 2992 8888
F: +852 2338 6444



Schedule Analysis: 

Hong Kong free-TV broadcaster, Asia Television Ltd’s (ATV) English-language channel ATV World, celebrated Halloween with a prime-time horror movie belt, Horror Horror Horror (9pm-11pm), that ran three Mondays in October. Titles picked were Dressed To Kill, The Ring and Seed Of Chucky.

The regular Monday movie slot airs titles such as The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, A Bridge Too Far and West Side Story.

ATV World’s 24-hour daily schedule includes five hours of financial information a day.

Religious programming airs weekdays at 6am, followed by news/financial news at 7am and preschool content from 8am to 10am.

Mandarin drama and educational content begins at noon, followed by children’s programming from 4pm to around 5.30pm.

From 6pm to past midnight, content is a mix of documentary (science/technology/wildlife-based), current affairs, lifestyle (food/travel), U.S./U.K. drama series (crimes/thriller) and reality/entertainment.

Weekend evening schedules run without movies or reality, but are otherwise pretty much the same as weekdays.

Weekend schedules also include 90-minute Korean Hour slots from 5.30pm to 7pm on Saturdays and 12pm to 1.30pm on Sundays. Currently the Korean slot is showing Heaven and Earth, a modern day family drama, which aired on KBS1 in 2007.

November highlights include Parthenon Entertainment’s factual show, When China Ruled the Waves (Sunday, 10pm-11pm); TGTV Inc’s travel show The Travel Guy: Know Before You Go (Saturday, 8.30pm-9pm; ITV’s HD documentary Planet Science series three and four (Thursday, 10.05pm-11pm); and Discovery’s The Fall of the Berlin Wall (Sunday, 10pm).

Pre-school highlights in November are Pingu, about a mischievous and clumsy penguin (Saturday/Sunday, 4.10pm-4.35pm); Thomas & Friends (Friday, 5.05pm-5.35pm) and Barney & Friends (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4.40pm-5.05pm). All are from HIT Entertainment.

The station acquires music/entertainment shows, kids, documentary, lifestyle, movie and drama series from the U.S./U.K. and Korea.

There is currently no plan to add new genres like game shows, the station says.

In September, ATV World garnered an average TV rating of 0.2% (TVS 1.2%, viewers: 10,000) for the whole-day time band (2am-2am next day) and TVR of 0.5% (TVS 1.3%, viewers: 29,000) for the prime-time band (7pm-11pm), according to CSM Media Research. The report is based on the combination of analogue and HD ATV World channels (All 4+, universe 6,360,000).

ATV operates six channels: 24-hour English-language ATV World (with digital terrestrial (DTT) simulcast); 24-hour Chinese Home channel (with DTT simulcast); and four DTT channels – HD ATV channel; 24-hour Taiwanese channel CTI-Asia; mainland China’s CCTV-4; and infotainment channel Southern TV (TVS).

ATV produces more than 1,000 hours of entertainment programming a year. These are mainly documentary, drama, variety shows and housewives/kids programmes.

ATV’s in-house content, particularly drama and documentary, are distributed worldwide through ATV Enterprises.

Who’s in charge: Vice president for programming, May Leung, and programme manager, K.K. Leung.

ContentAsia Issue 85: November 9-22, 2009